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Doing the Real ID Tango

Doing the Real ID Tango The face that Louisiana opponents of Real ID put on their dartboards is that of Karen St. Germain, the commissioner who has run the Office of Motor Vehicles since January. As a state representative from Pierre Part, St. Germain carried legislation year after year that attempted to roll back the 2008 laws forbidding Louisiana from complying with federal standards put in place after 9/11 tragedies. She had been painted among the Louisiana critics as

DHS issues grace period for Real ID enforcement

DHS issues grace period for Real ID enforcement Department of Homeland Security announced a grace period beyond Oct. 10 to make sure the state is getting full credit for its efforts in meeting the requirements of the Real ID Act. DHS will allow for a three month grace period before the expiration of current extensions become effective. filltrustid Federal agencies may continue to accept driver's licenses and identification cards issued by states whose extension has expired. Despite this assurance


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